Marine Surveyors
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Here is what we have found to be true about using a marine surveyor:
You're always glad when you use one, and often sorry when you don't!
The Internet is having a profound impact on the sale of boats. The buyer's selection has increased from those available locally or state wide, to those available nationally.

The prices available from some regions of the country such as the east coast are often 25 to 40 per cent lower than other parts of the country, particularly the western states.

The distance and time involved, however, often makes it impractical for the buyer to actually see the boat.

This is where the marine surveyor can act as the eyes of the buyer.
If you have found the boat you want, save your time, money and the jet fuel.
Secure the services of a marine surveyor to look at the boat for you.

Since a survey is often required for financing and insurance anyway, why not start out with a surveyor?

As professionals, marine surveyors look at at boats much more objectively than we do, as buyers. Because they see the ones we miss or dismiss, they make certain any flaws are noted.

By using a Surveyor, you will have a much better idea of what you are getting than you would by looking at it yourself.

The following links will take you to the main accrediting organizations for marine surveyors. You can find a surveyor just about anywhere through these professional organizations.

The Society of accredited Marine Surveyors. Established in the 80's by a group of 
surveying professionals.

The National Association of Marine Surveyors. An international group of marine surveying professionals dedicated to the highest ethical and technical standards.

The following link has some of the best information and analyses that we have seen regarding boats and hurricanes, and an extensive array of other useful information.
This is an excellent example of marine surveyor professionalism.

Stolen Boats:  see
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